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The Shift Fund is constantly seeking to provide opportunities to those who need a small sum to keep working on their path to the American dream. We work with organizations such as the United Way to find these opportunities, and ensure that donations from the Shift Fund find their way directly to the ways and means that will have the highest impact. All donations are tax-deductible.

Donate below or make check payable to Shift Fund.

For any inquiries, please fill in the following contact form.

PO Box 42084

Philadelphia, PA 19101

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Your small sum invests in a family's future.

Vis a single mother with 4 children who drives to her multiple jobs and to take her children to school and relatives’ homes for childcare, while she works. She has been driving on a suspended license (due to multiple parking tickets) and is at risk of losing her job without a means of transportation. She has been on a monthly payment plan, yet without child support, it is sometimes a question of $50 for food on the table or her ticket payment plan. Still, she has managed to pay over 70% of her fines through perseverance.


The Shift Fund's payment of V's remaining fees allow her to keep her driver’s license and current job, while pursuing better employment.

V can now reinstate her license and is using the monthly income she had been using to pay her license fees, to pursue a career in real estate. She plans to continue to provide for her four children and hopes to serve as a role model to them. 

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